Silvia Specht Management Services accompanies top management teams in the development and transformation of organizations. Emphasis is given to the focal point of strategy, leadership and culture. In individual coachings we work on personal and individual questions as they relate to the management and leadership role. In the case of conflicts we extract the relevant issues and bring them to the surface so they can be addressed.

Assisting top management teams

We counsel and assist top management teams in organization development and transformation processes by presenting ourselves as sparring partners and moderators, as well as source of new impulses. Jointly we focus on the strategically relevant issues of communication, leadership and culture. On the basis of a structured clarification of mandate during which goals and objectives are defined, we plan and execute interventions with established methods and high efficiency.

Conflict intervention

Personal satisfaction as well as performance of teams and the entire organization are enhanced when conflicts are made visible, described and finally resolved. Applying sensitivity and at the same time clear communication we detect and uncover the main conflict issues. This allows them to be discussed and addressed and forms the basis for an appropriate solution.

Business coaching and sparring in top management

In individual business coaching and sparring sessions we focus empathically on individual challenges and problems. In the confidential 1 on 1 exchange our clients discover and develop their potential and are enabled to activate resources targeted to address the challenges at hand.