We live our values. They are an expression of our attitude and guide our thinking and doing. As anchors in the constructive collaboration with our clients they create trust and reliability. We will not negotiate our values. They define us – and come to life as the tangible difference in the way with interact with each other.


We say what we think, thereby rapidly and bluntly uncovering at the core issue.


We use direct and straightforward language. We allow ourselves to be fearlessly guided by our intuition.


We communicate openly and directly, value other perspectives and share our observations and knowledge.

Goal orientation

We focus our attention on the stipulated goal to be achieved and work efficiently.


We work discretely and confidentially. We do not let economic issues overrule everything else and always keep the larger picture in mind.


We assume other people’s perspective, respect limits, recognize potentials and trust our intuition and finely attuned perception.


We like to laugh and laugh a lot.