Do you think it's important to work with someone who's genuine, dedicated and skilled in her field? Do you care about clarity, empathy and a rigorous approach? Do you value humor, warmth and intelligent questions? If so, then Silvia Specht is the right organizational consultant for you!!

10. June 2020


“Questions you cannot answer are usually far better for you than answers you cannot question.” – Yuval Noah Harari How true … I don’t have much to add.
19. January 2020

Emotional closeness and professional distance – from Andreas Grabenstein

Employees are not part of organisations, but their environment. Systemic professionals, following Niklas Luhmann, say it pointedly: “Organisations have their own logic, their own dynamics, in which people participate, but which are controlled and developed beyond these people. Humanities scholars […]



We live our values. They are an expression of our attitude and guide our thinking and doing. As anchors in the constructive collaboration with our clients they create trust and reliability. We will not negotiate our values. They define us – and come to life as the tangible difference in the way with interact with each other.
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Our clients value our experience. They know that we have successfully facilitated a large variety of projects in the past and are familiar with the customs of top management. This forms the expert basis for our consulting, facilitation, moderation and coaching services. Our broad and profound know-how guarantees top quality processes and step-by-step achievements..
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Silvia Specht Management Services accompanies top management teams in the development and transformation of organizations. Emphasis is given to the focal point of strategy, leadership and culture. In individual coachings we work on personal and individual questions as they relate to the management and leadership role. In the case of conflicts we extract the relevant issues and bring them to the surface so they can be addressed.
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How we work

A detailed clarification of mandate is the basis for our work with top management and teams of managers. Jointly we discover and define what is essential and where the important issues are. We define goals and decide how to proceed. This process allows us to create an authoritative framework for consistent, effective and sustainable interventions.
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At Silvia Specht Management Services, a healthy team spirit and humor-filled interactions keep things fun and relaxed – on stage and behind the scenes.
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When consulting and assisting top management teams in transformation processes a variety of skills are required. The network of partners of Silvia Specht Management Services is experienced and handpicked. We share mindset and values and have been cooperating for many years with mutual respect and recognition.
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