When consulting and assisting top management teams in transformation processes a variety of skills are required. The network of partners of Silvia Specht Management Services is experienced and handpicked. We share mindset and values and have been cooperating for many years with mutual respect and recognition.

Dorothee von Bose, Munich

Conflict, communication, self-presentation

Diploma Economist, mastercoach, moderator, mediator and clarification assistant. She supports as a coach with her economic expertise in questions of strategic positioning, specializes in communicating and resolving conflicts in teams and, as a long-time TV presenter, provides qualified feedback on the self-presentation of executives.

Dr. Daniel Dietzfelbinger, Munich

Protestant Theologian and Systemic Consultant. Managing director of the Institut persönlichkeit+ethik GbR, Augsburg

Focus on communication, conflict and culture as well as leadership and business ethics. Coaching, leadership workshops, value-oriented strategy processes.

Dr. Andreas Grabenstein, Augsburg

Value oriented leadership development

Protestant Theologian and Systemic Coach. Partner at the „Institut persönlichkeit+ethik“. Focus on culture, ethics of leadership and business. Coaching, leadership workshops, value-oriented strategy processes. Program “Seitenwechsel”

Christoph Gredel, Munich

Organizational Development, Change Management, Leadership and Team Development

Diploma in Business Administration, Systemic Coach and Consultant. Specialized in change management and coaching within global change projects. Cultural developments across various industries. Providing support to executives and teams at different hierarchic levels.

Harald Harbs, Munich

Systemic Organization Development, Succesion in Family Enterprises

Harald Harbs has spent many years as an executive search consultant advising shareholders, board members and managing directors on the recruitment of senior executives in Germany and around the world. This expertise enriches the systemic view of organizations and offers real added value in developing workable solutions for top management teams and their organizations. Focus on designing and accompanying succession in family businesses.

Rita Hein, Munich

Systemic consulting, coach, team development

Assistance for individuals and teams in challenging development and change processes. Emphasis is on the entire person – in the context of his or her specific environment and the development of realistic options for sustainable positive change and successful collaboration.

Christina Jockisch, Munich

Leadership development, analysis of potential, training

University graduated Diploma Psychologist, Systemic Coach and Counselor. Training, Coaching, Counseling in the areas of development of potential, personality and leadership. Intercultural communication, personnel diagnosis and organizational development.

Wilfried de Philipp, Munich

Systemic counseling and treatment

Support for people with private and professional crises and conflicts in relationships

Benedikt Stöckl, Munich

Systemic Coach (dvct.), Leadership Development

Benedikt manages to bring people, personalities and characters together with his positive and friendly manner. His passion for interpersonal issues has always been an important part of his professional activity. He acts as an ideal companion for those who are looking for support in achieving their goals. 


María José Sánchez Yago, Madrid

Leadership & Organizational Culture Development, Coaching

Higher Telecommunications Engineer, Bachelor in Psychology, Master of Philosophy, Master of Sustainability, she is an expert in designing and implementing innovative leadership programs to take individuals, teams and organizations to the next level. She knows what is needed in order to align companies around a single culture in merger processes, creating a shared mindset and mobilizing teams.