10. June 2020


“Questions you cannot answer are usually far better for you than answers you cannot question.” – Yuval Noah Harari How true … I don’t have much to add.
19. January 2020

Emotional closeness and professional distance – from Andreas Grabenstein

Employees are not part of organisations, but their environment. Systemic professionals, following Niklas Luhmann, say it pointedly: “Organisations have their own logic, their own dynamics, in which people participate, but which are controlled and developed beyond these people. Humanities scholars […]
15. June 2019

Day 3: Focusing on the hands

Head – heart – hands, three levels that need to be addressed in order to make experience comprehensively tangible. Today, the focus is on implementation. A lot of work is being done with prototype construction, fast, very rapidly paced, the […]
15. June 2019

Day 2: Strawberries and cinnamon, and heartfelt feelings

Today was about emotion. How do you design experience so that it triggers specific feelings and moods? Entirely in keeping with the theme, to kick off we were served a somewhat sweet, palate-pleasing juice drink made of fresh strawberries, apples, […]
13. June 2019

Experience Design Workshop Day 1

We are working in a multi-storey building in the harbor district. It has an industrial / loft atmosphere with wooden floors, glass, and steel. The workshop room looks out over the water in the harbor, with a freighter or two. […]
12. June 2019

Three-Day Experience Design Workshop Live Report

Through a number of coincidences, I came across Kaospilot, a business school that focuses on design, entrepreneurship, and social innovation and is based in Aarhus/DK. I am really curious to see how this turns out and have decided to experiment […]
30. April 2019

Time machine

A customer recently told me that he had found a way to multiply his time. “It’s like having a time machine,” he said enthusiastically. “It clicks in when I succeed at doing only one thing.” He discovered it more or […]
5. February 2019

Leadership between authority and purpose

During a recent three-week trip to Myanmar, I occupied myself with the question of the implicit place we (i.e., executives, managers, and consultants in Germany and let’s say in the German-speaking world) mentally assign to leadership on the continuum between […]